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Diving Horses: Atlantic City Return Nixed Amid Protests

Atlantic City's Savior is a Diving Horse?


At the peak of horse diving, the spectacle attracted huge crowds to places like Atlantic City, where divers and horses would perform the death-defying has hotel reservations, show tickets and news.Atlantic City is a fun seaside town also known as the Jersey Shore.

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An amazing twist to the story lies in the fact that for much of her career, she was.

In a reversal of a decision announced earlier in February, the Steel Pier of the Atlantic Pier Amusements and Cape Entertainment Co. in Atlantic City, N.J., will not resume its famous high diving horse act.

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Steel Pier - 1000 Boardwalk This pier has been in operation since 1898.

The story comes full circle when we learn that in the following decade, Ivy Cordelia becomes the girl on the high-diving horse herself.ATLANTIC CITY — When the iconic diving horse act returns to the Steel Pier this summer, spectators can expect to see a horse ridden by a stunt diver jump from a platform 30 to 40 feet in the air.The Atlantic County SPCA is against the horse diving attraction.

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The horses were trained to dive into the water from a platform with girls on their back from 2-4 times daily.

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So many great childhood memories of watching the horse and rider climb to the top and dive.A diving horse is an attraction that was popular in the mid-1880s, in which a horse would dive into a pool of water, sometimes from as high as 60 feet.Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ-Diving Horse immediately after a dive.Photos at Diving Horse Cabaret and Steakhouse - Atlantic City, NJ.Before she and her father leave Atlantic City, she is rewarded with a ride off the platform and into the tank below.

Pressure from animal rights activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had forced the removal of the diving.

Pressure from animal rights activists, online petitioners and local protests influenced the.

Atlantic City high-diving horses revival scrapped after

There are so few real uses for them today and these animals could.

Diving Horses. Steel Pier. Atlantic City NJ. 1905-1978. Oh

Well, I worked with horses for a while and do not see anything wrong with this.

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Brass Rail Is Back In May, developer Tom Sherwood Sr. opened the Diving Horse Cabaret and Steakhouse, formerly the sprawling Club Tru entertainment complex, which began as a tiny gay bar.

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For nearly half a century, Atlantic City, in New Jersey, United States, was home to an attraction almost too fantastical to believe—an apparently fearless horse with a young woman on its back would leap off a tower some 40 feet high into a pool of water below.Plans were under way to bring back a diving horse act to the Atlantic City Steel Pier.

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In 1929, an Atlantic City hotel builder and impresario, Frank P.Well friends I saw a video on Facebook of the diving horse that use to dive into 11 feet of water at the Steel Pier.High diving horses were a regular attraction in Atlantic City in the 1920s.This queer and bizarre show involved a horse with a young lady in.

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